Teen Writing Contest 2011

Congratulations! The Sebastopol Center for the Arts, Copperfield’s Books and KRCB-FM are pleased to announce the winners in the Bibliophoria “Books are…” Teen Writing Contest.

Winners are…

Another World fantasy story by Emily Hammond, 14, Orchard View School
Book Types essay by Mirandi Dallas Fuge, 14, Orchard View School
Books Are All Around Me essay by Sierra Cullen-Riak, 14, Orchard View School
The Adventures of Deben fantasy story by Duncan Lange, 14, Orchard View School
Letting the Light Shine Through essay by Amanda Burns, 17, Analy High School
Sanity, Clarified historical fiction by Michael John Bradford, 18, El Molino High School
The Bindings of Paper and People essay by Liana Meffert, 18, Montgomery High School
Humanity Recorded essay by Catherine Golitzin, 18, Santa Rosa Junior College

One of the winning essays:

*** Books are all around me by Sierra Cullen-Riak

Books are everywhere in my life, or so it seems when I look around me. They are entertainers and adventurers, they are guides and teachers, they are friends and enemies. Books give me a way to go on wonderful adventures without ever leaving the living room. They transport me to far off lands, times, and worlds. Books have seen me waiting in the cold, in the dead of night—outside the bookstore eagerly awaiting the midnight release. Books stir strong emotions in me; my favorite novel makes me happy and excited, ready to explore and fight alongside the characters I know so well. My school text books bring about different sentiments entirely: boredom, frustration, anxiety, cursing.  My algebra book stood by with derisive laughter while I memorized, forgot, and then rememorized the quadratic formula. Its glossy pages corrected me when I was wrong. I should give the text books credit though for helping me along the perilous road of academics.

Oh but why am I discussing text books when there are so many other more interesting books to be discussed?  From classic literature to the books of today, I love books. I will read an old hardback passed down through the generations, a new paper back bought yesterday at the store, or something wirelessly downloaded onto an iPad or E-reader of some sort. I have spent a year carrying around the 1,312 page Count of Monte Cristo, slowly reading its unfolding tale. I have also spent the better parts of my weekends reading, finishing new and exciting books in just two days.

I must say that I adore the entire Harry Potter series. I have read every book in the series three times except for the seventh one which I have read four times. And oh how it pains me to behold the poor soul who has not read those books. I have convinced many people who have something against the series to at least try them out.  For most people who start to read them there is no turning back. I once went on a vacation to Lake Almanor accompanied by all seven Harry Potter books, three of the movies, and one of the books on C.D. As a shout out to my sanity, I would like to point out that I was also accompanied on the vacation by three friends and their dad who were also reading the books, so it was not just me bringing all of them. The Deathly Hallows came with me to Italy, and I read Uncle Tom’s Cabin in Hawaii, and I have concluded that books make fabulous traveling companions.

I consider myself a self-proclaimed law officer when it comes to books. Here are a few of my rules.
1) You must not read books in a series out of order.
2) Once you have read all the books in a series you can reread them in whatever order you like.
3) You can’t see the movie before you read the book.
4) If you were unaware that there was a book at the time you saw the movie, the breaking of rule three is pardonable.
5) You can’t look ahead to see how the book ends.
6) Disclaimer: these rules are me fooling around and are not intended to be strictly followed.

Books are a pain to move from house to house. I know because I have moved eleven times in my life. In each move since I have been old enough to help with the moving, I distinctly remember moving books. I remember taking the books off the shelf in my bedroom and thinking to myself, “Oh I love this book,” or “Hmm I have never read this book before; I wonder where I got it,” or even possibly thinking, “Oh great. This crazy book… why do I still own this book?” I remember once (the last time we moved), that as I was putting a book into a box, I thought to myself that it was about time I read the book again. I could not even remember how the book started, so I thought that I would just look at the first page. Well as soon as I did that I was enveloped by the tale being told so I kept reading. I think I was reading for about half an hour like that, sitting on top of a half-packed box of books just reading away.


All winning entries were read aloud by Jeffrey Weissman and other professional actors on Gil Mansergh’s “Word By Word: Conversations With Writers” radio show on June 22, 2011 on KRCB 91.1 FM in Santa Rosa or streaming online at krcb.org. Additional prizes included Copperfield’s gift certificates, excerpts printed in the  Sebastopol Center for the Arts QuARTerly newsletter and full length stories and essays posted on the Bibliophoria website, and CDs of the KRCB-FM radio broadcast.

Contest rules:

Submission: Original 650 to 850 word, short story, essay or other work of prose beginning with the two words “Books are.”

Eligibility: Writers between 13 and 19 years of age on June 30, 2011, living in West Sonoma County. Santa Rosa, Casa Grande, Petaluma high schools and all schools west of them are included.

Deadline was May 24, 2011.


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  1. Kim Ledesma says:

    Does this exclude writers from Santa Rosa?

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