Street Printing Festival

Guten-Printer by Rik Olson

Guten-Printer by Rik Olson

Street Printing Festival

The Festival was great fun! See the 3-ton roller printing in action on Youtube. The prints have rich blacks and deep debossing and embossing from so much pressure on the linoleum blocks. See the prints on display at Sebastopol Library through July.

A day-long celebration of printmaking and book arts at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Saturday, June 28, 2014, 11 am to 5 pm. SCA go

Admission is FREE! Highlights of this event include:

Example of street printing with a pavement roller

Example of street printing with a pavement roller

Live Street Printing using a 3-Ton Pavement Roller – Watch large prints being made from hand-carved sheets of “battleship” linoleum by Featured Artists Rik Olson, Tony Speirs, isabelle Proust and C.K.Itamura using a 3-Ton pavement roller and the surface of the Sebastopol Center for the Art’s parking lot as the printing press. (Click here to watch an example of what Street Printing is all about.)

  • Community Street Printing – Register to be one of the Community Street Printing Artists and have the opportunity to cut a 12″ x 12″ linoleum block that will be printed by the 3-Ton pavement roller during the event. Sign up for a workshop or to buy a block.
  • Street Print Sale – Proceeds from the sale of Street Printing Festival prints — on sale at the event, hot off the press! –  benefit the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.
  • Books, Poetry & Art – Visit with local Writers, Publishers, Poets and Artists at their booths, enjoy their work and shop to find books and art for yourself and to give as gifts to others. (A list of participating vendors is coming soon!)
  • Something for Everyone – This event is perfect for book lovers of all ages and best of all, admission is FREE!
Bibliophoria 2014 Street Printing Festival Poster by Rik Olson

Bibliophoria 2014 Street Printing Festival Poster by Rik Olson


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  5. Nancy Sanchietti says:

    This looks REALLY Interesting. I gotta go see this!

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