Book Camp for Youth 2011

Give the World a Message. In this one-day Book Camp, children ages 7 to 12 created new fables for our times. Published authors & illustrators facilitated a journey through imagining, writing, and illustrating a story in fable form to deliver a message the world needs to hear. Stories were produced with a title page in letterpress printing, text designed in a page layout program, and center spreads for illustration. They were bound with bamboo binding into small handmade storybooks. Children read their stories at day’s end to an audience of parents and camp facilitators. July 15, 2011. Sebastopol Center for the Arts. Scroll down for photos of our creative and productive day!

Facilitators ~ Authors / illustrators Teri Sloat, Christine Walker, Stacey Schuett, Marsha Diane Arnold, and Lisa Schulman guided book campers in imagining, writing, illlustrating, and bookbinding. Eric Johnson of Iota Press demonstrated letterpress printing and printed book covers with each camper.

A note from the grandmother of two book campers: I wanted to thank you and your staff for a most memorable day for my grandsons to have the privilege of participating in your Bibliophoria writing workshop for children.  Both of them walked out feeling so pleased with their books and more importantly with the confidence that they could write . . . what a gift!!!  Also, writing is fun.  For Andrew, he was also able to develop a friendship with another of the participants.  Dallin, the younger one, loves to write and had already “self-published” several of his stories.  This experience was extremely special to him and we all enjoyed the moral that he developed in his fable. As a “long-ago” English teacher, I truly appreciate the success of your efforts to make writing a fun adventure and to produce such a unique book at the end.  I know that all of you worked so hard to get everything done within that short timeframe, but you created a day for each child that will provide a memory to draw upon for the rest of their lives.  Oh, how I wish that writing had been presented to me in such a fun way! Thank You!!! Francine, M. Baldus & Associates